The Kisangaji Project - A village that will steal your heart!

The Kisangaji Project - Donations

The Kisangaji Project currently accepts the following means of donations: Cash, Check,  Money Order, or Online Credit Card Donations(PayPal).  In return for your donation, you will receive a letter acknowledging your donation for your tax-deduction purposes (anonymous donations will not receive this letter).

The Kisangaji Project has very little overhead. Board members are volunteers and are not compensated for their time, travels, or work. Donations obtained will be used explicitly for the current fundraising event that is posted on the Home Page. A small percentage of monies (approximately 5%) shall be used for marketing and fundraising purposes. You can be assured that your money will directly support the people of Kisangaji through the purchase of goods and services they need to help in their development.

For our current fundraising activity, see the Home page.

DVD For Sale! A 17-minute DVD about the Primary School and Village is available for $10 USD. To order, please send an email to: All proceeds will benefit the current Fundraising Activity.