The Kisangaji Project - A village that will steal your heart!

Kisangaji Village, Tanzania

Kisangaji is a remote village located 3 hours south of Arusha, Tanzania. It is located in the Babati District, Manyara region, and there were no marked roads to the village in 2008. By 2011, there was one dirt road that passed the outskirts of the village. And until May 2008, the village had not been visited by a white person before.

The population is about 8000 and the village itself is spread out over 9 square miles in the shadow of the Rift Valley. 95% of the village is of the Mbugwe tribe of Tanzania. The main crop of the region is rice, nurtured by the fresh spring waters of the Rift Valley and the rainy season. The village just got electricity in 2017.

Typical homes, or bomas, are made of sticks, bricks, mud, have a thatched roof and they are 4-8 feet tall. Some bomas have not only the sleeping quarters in them, but they also house the goats and cows at night and the cooking area is inside the boma as well.