The Kisangaji Project - A village that will steal your heart!

Project Information

Mr. Martin Mwangi is the Director of the Kisangaji Project. The Project was founded by a Board member who traveled to Kisangaji in May 2008. At that time, she raised enough money to purchase 36 double-capacity school desks for the Primary School. During her 3-day visit, she was so moved by the energy, stories and enthusiasm of the children and villagers that she made a commitment to return the following year. The village was also excited about her as she was the first white person to ever visit Kisangaji. She returned home to Minnesota and started the Kisangaji Project.

Everyone, including the Director, volunteers and receives no financial compensation for their time or efforts. As a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public charity, the Project is committed to doing what it can to ensure all proceeds go directly to Kisangaji.

Lisette Wright is the Founding Principal of the Kisangaji Project.

A 501c3 public charity, based in Minnesota, USA