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The Primary School

The Kisangaji Project - Primary School

In Tanzania, the government subsidizes Primary School education. Unfortunately, the funding for the Primary Schools is not sufficient to ensure a quality education or support the infrastructure necessary for most Primary Schools. As we know, early childhood is the most critical time in establishing good self-esteem, critical thinking, decision-making, and developing the desire to further ones education. The less the Primary School is supported, there becomes an increased risk for a student to not thrive.

Kisangaji Primary School has a student body of about 1000 students and 11 teachers. Grades are Pre-Unit through Standard 7. 

The Kisangaji Project - Longdrops
With 4 students sharing one textbook, some students lack focus and attention and therefore are not learning as they should. The students are eager and motivated to learn. However, the school lacks the following essentials:

  • textbooks
  • all school supplies
  • teaching materials
  • classrooms
  • sporting equipment
  • toilets
  • technology
  • a library
  • lunch
  • classroom maintenance
  • desks